Proudly exclusive to BedsRus, the new improved version of Swisstek features the world’s first state-of-the-art Swisstek Comfort System (SCS). This advanced support technology combines the proven 7-zoned independent pocket spring system with an extra level of mini pocket springs. Whilst the 7 dedicated postural zones provide essential support where you need it most, the addition of the mini pockets complement and targets the lumbar region with even greater effect.


Is it for you?

Are you looking for the most advanced Pocket Spring technology available that offers outstanding support, reduced pressure points and minimal partner disturbance? The new Swisstek range offers superior performance that no other pocket spring bed can match. EACH NIGHT stretch out, relax + take the pressure off with Sleepyhead Swisstek. It’s a bed designed precisely, so you wake-up perfectly rested, refreshed + ready EVERY MORNING.


What's inside?

All our Swisstek beds feature a soft knit fabric created from natural Bamboo fibres.

Whilst the SCS is a premium product in its own right, we have further enhanced the effectiveness of our Swisstek beds by introducing a brand-new temperature regulating technology – KulKote Silver. It’s breathable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Vitally, it is utilised for the express purpose of regulating body temperature.

The revolutionary SCS features increased revolutions per spring and employs an extra level of mini pocket technology that delivers improved spinal alignment, pressure point reduction and additional lumbar region support.

Deluxe 5

5 - Medium

Queen Set: $7,399

Deluxe 8

8 - Plush

Queen Set: $7,399

Ultra 7

7 - Cushion Medium

Queen Set: $5,999



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