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Sanctuary: After Dark

The Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark Collection sets a new benchmark in the luxury bed category. Exclusive to Beds R Us, the Sanctuary After Dark Collection features the patented Sensorzone® 3D core and a 7-zoned support system for the ultimate sleep experience without compromise. Be pampered by some luxurious comfort layer options to ensure optimal comfort and a beautiful night's sleep. Sleep peacefully knowing your bed has been endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association for excellence in postural design.


Is it for you?

Only our top-of-the-range Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark has the most luxurious comfort levels to give you the most beautiful sleep. If you value luxury, expert craftsmanship, and won't compromise on a good night's sleep then a Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark bed is just for you.


What's inside?

At the heart of the Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark mattress is the patented Sensorzone® 3D support system. Sensorzone® 3D is our most advanced support system, designed so consumers don’t compromise on what they want from a mattress. Sensorzone® 3D is the only support system where springs and foam are fully integrated to provide positive resistance back to the sleeper’s spine. A unique dual support system that is multi-zoned, both vertically and horizontally for the ultimate comfort and pressure point relief.

After Dark Dream 10

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Ultra Plush Feel

Exclusive to BedsRus, the Sleepyhead After Dark Collection sets the benchmark in the luxury category and is hand-crafted here in NZ using the finest materials available. The Dream 10 has been exclusively created to provide a ultra plush feel.

Queen $18999