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There is nothing more beautiful than a luxurious night’s sleep. With Sleepyhead Sanctuary’s unique Sensorzone® technology and luxury materials, a beautiful night’s sleep is exactly what you’ll get. You’re completely surrounded by luxury, and that’s because our Sleepyhead Sanctuary mattresses are only made with the highest quality materials, ensuring total comfort and a beautiful night’s sleep. With our patented Sensorzone® technology, each spring independently responds to pressure and movement, so you can enjoy a beautiful sleep without any disturbance.


Is it for you?

Only Sleepyhead Sanctuary has the most luxurious comfort levels to give you the most beautiful sleep. If you value luxury, expert craftsmanship, and won't compromise on a good night's sleep then a Sleepyhead Sanctuary bed is definitely for you.


What's inside?

The heart of the Sleepyhead Sanctuary mattress is the patented Sensorzone® support system. Sensorzone® is our most advanced support system, designed so consumers don’t compromise on what they want from a mattress. Sensorzone® is the only support system where springs and foam are fully integrated to provide positive resistance back to the sleeper’s spine. This is dual-active support, only found in Sleepyhead Sanctuary mattresses.

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Sanctuary Escape 5

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5 - Medium

Queen $9,999

Sanctuary Escape 6

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6 - Medium

Queen $10,799

Sanctuary Escape 8

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8- Plush

Queen $12,399