Sleep is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. It's our opportunity to relax and replenish. To wake up feeling revitalised and full of renewed energy for the day ahead. That’s why AutoFlex have designed a bed that will quite literally move to improve the quality of your rest & sleep, helping you to enjoy a better sleep throughout the night. Offering you a range of optimal rest & sleep positions for enhanced support, circulation and breathing, the AutoFlex range provides an incredibly comfortable sleep environment like no other. You’ll wake feeling revived and refreshed – totally transformed.


Essential bed for lifestyle. The AF10 has a 200kg safe working load including mattress, and autoflat position. It is operated by wireless control with backlit remote and customisable preset functions.


Whisper quiet motor function The AF20 adjustable bed has a 120kg safe working load including mattress, head and foot lift, flexible slat system and a whisper-quiet electric motor. A range of quality Warwick fabrics are available – check in-store for colour swatches.



The AF5 Adjustable Bed is an entry level model, designed for low care and home use.


Hospital and homecare bed.



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